Rispebjerg Ring Fort



 GPS : 55.0270434,15.0091265

Rispebjerg Ring Fort & Sanctuary (Ringborg)

Rispberg comprises Bornholms largest Iron Age fortifications. The inner stronghold was well protected by 15 metre high steep slopes leading down to the valley of Ølea stream and by 3 metre high 120 metre wide semicircular ramparts fronted by a 2 metre deep fosse (dry moat). An outer earthwork wall and fosse, 200 metres to the south east provided additional fortifications for the promontory. The inhabitants of the surrounding settlements could seek refuge here if attacked by hostile invaders.

Fenced Pallisades

The fenced area originates from the Funnel Beaker Culture, 2900-2700 BC, where three stockades with palisade have followed each other and covered a massive area . The smallest stockade covers an area of 4 hectares, the youngest and largest stockade included about 6 hectares but it may have been twice as large . Both within and outside palisades there are signs of habitation , including houses and tools of both local and imported flint



Wood Henges

Besides the long houses that served as housing, there is also evidence of  5 post circles, or so-called “wood-henges”. They consist of 8-10 very large posts, arranged in a circle of 7-10 m in diameter. No one really knows  what these structures have been used for. In the centre of one archaeologist found a pit with burnt bones of cattle. Similar post circles are known in two other places on South Bornholm, but otherwise you have to all the way to the British Isles to find similar structures.

Rispebjerg Sun Temple

Together with the findings of more than 20 small ornamental slates with scratched suns, and extensive trail of fire with red fired clay, burnt bone and flint tools it must have been more than a just a fortified Neolithic settlement. Maybe it was used as a sun temple and place of pilgrimage.




Concentric ramparts

Recent archaeological studies have shown that ring the castle consists of two concentric ring ramparts and moats with a spacing of 200 m. The Ring fort with its 4 hectares enclosure is significantly greater than Gamleborg in Almindingen. Ringborg’s outer rampart and moat are preserved only by Snaphøj and a small piece northerly along the existing gully, which partly overlaps with the original moat.